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Marvellous Mirrors: Exploring Mirror Trends in Interior Design

Marvellous Mirrors: Exploring Mirror Trends in Interior Design

Marvellous Mirrors: Exploring Mirror Trends in Interior Design

Mirrors are essential elements of interior design that can enhance space, light, and ambiance. But the question is, with so many different mirror styles, colours and designs which do you choose and where is it best placed?

So to answer that we delve into five mirror trends that are shaping contemporary interior design, offering insights into their unique characteristics, versatility, and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your home decor.

Oversized Statement Wall Mirrors:

In the realm of interior design, bigger is often better, and oversized statement mirrors are making waves as bold focal points in rooms. These mirrors come in a variety of shapes, from grand rectangular designs to strikingly large round or oval styles. Placing an oversized mirror in a room instantly creates a sense of drama and grandeur, making it ideal for entryways, living rooms, or dining areas.

Choose frames with intricate detailing or opt for frameless designs to maximise the mirror's reflective surface and create a contemporary look. Whether propped against a wall in a living room or mounted in a hallway, oversized mirrors add drama and depth to any space.

Our fabulous Gold Finish Starburst Mirror is a magnificent statement piece that is one of our most loved mirrors here at Margo & Plum. It's dramatic, striking and looks back to an era of the upmost glamour… and in the words of one of our happy customers, it’s simply ‘stunning’!

Vintage Glamour:

Embrace the charm of years gone by with antique mirrors that exude vintage glamour and timeless elegance. Antique mirrors feature ornate frames, aged patinas, and intricate detailing that add character and sophistication to any space.

These mirrors are perfect for adding a touch of old-world charm to modern interiors or complementing traditional decor styles.

Place antique mirrors above mantels, console tables, or in dressing rooms to infuse rooms with a sense of nostalgia and timeless allure.

Featuring a round glass mirror at its centre with an ornately patterned edging this glorious little ornate mirror here at Margo & Plum has a matt gold distressed finish which gives it a stunning warm and rich antiqued look.

Mirror Clusters:

Mirror clusters involve grouping multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes to create an artistic display. This interior design trend adds visual interest and depth to your walls whether it be a hallway, living space or bedroom. By mixing and matching frames and shapes, you can create unique and personalised wall art that reflects light and enhances your decor.

Our smaller, ornate mirrors are perfect for creating an eye catching mirror cluster display. The convex sun ray mirror adds an instant touch of glamour to your wall with its beautiful sun rays in varying lengths around the edge in a warm gold tone. Style this mirror alone to illuminate a smaller space or dark corner, or place with other mirrors of a similar size to create a dynamic focal point above furniture in your living space.

Sleek and Minimalist Mirrors:

In an era where simplicity reigns supreme, sleek and minimalist mirrors are experiencing a surge in popularity. These mirrors feature clean lines, understated frames, and a streamlined aesthetic that effortlessly complements modern interiors. Opt for frameless designs for a seamless and contemporary look, or choose mirrors with slim metal frames for a touch of industrial chic.

Whether mounted on walls or leaning against surfaces, sleek and minimalist mirrors add a sense of sophistication and elegance to any space.

This perfectly proportioned Margo & Plum small gold mirror has a beautiful polished finish and sleek style that delivers a super cool and contemporary look.

Mirrored Furniture:

Mirrored furniture is a key trend in Art Deco interior design. Pieces such as mirrored dressers, side tables, and consoles not only serve practical purposes but also enhance the room's aesthetic appeal with their reflective surfaces.

Mirrored side tables and consoles are perfect for living rooms and entryways and mirrored bar carts and cabinets offer a chic way to display drinks and glassware.

The Margo & Plum Antique Silver Art Deco Drinks Trolley is finished in an antique silver colour and boasts three polished glass mirror shelves on which to display and transport your drinks apparel and show-stopping accessories in a beautiful retro style. Currently on offer with over 30% off, this is one marvellous mirrored piece of furniture that is not to be missed!

The Margo & Plum Most Loved!

We can’t talk about mirrors without mentioning the fabulous Mirror with Gold Bobble Edge and Round Mirror with Shelf - these are both highly rated by our customers and much anticipated when they go out of stock!

The Gold Bobble Mirror combines classic style with a cool modern twist. It’s generous size, slim gold rim, and striking gold bobbles make it a super stylish design. The slightly distressed gold finish adds a contemporary touch, making it a standout piece that always puts a smile on our customers faces!

At Margo & Plum, we absolutely love a statement mirror and this industrial round metal wall mirror with a built-in shelf is both stylish and practical. Crafted from dark grey distressed cast iron, it offers a chic, contemporary look and the generously sized shelf is perfect for displaying or storing essentials, making it an excellent choice for space-conscious design.

Mirror trends in interior design are constantly evolving, offering a diverse range of styles, shapes, and functionalities to suit every taste and decor scheme. Whether you're drawn to oversized statement mirrors for their dramatic impact, vintage-inspired antique mirrors for their timeless allure, or sleek mirrors for their modern edge, there's a mirror trend to suit every style preference.

If you would like to see our stunning mirror collection in person come and visit us at our gorgeous Margo & Plum store where you can see first hand how you can incorporate many of our different mirror styles into your home decor to create a feel of luxury and opulence.

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