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Ways interior design can improve our mental wellbeing

Ways interior design can improve our mental wellbeing

Did you know the design and layout of your home has an effect on your mental health?

In our current situation of us all having to STAYHOME we thought we would demonstrate some ways in which your space in your humble abode could impact the way you feel and how we can make changes.

It starts with simply badly placed furniture. When you place things too closely together they can start to feel cluttered and cluttered room can replicate in the mind. Let's give our homes the feeling of space especially right now whilst we are all home together continuously.

Embrace some space by picking your key items for a room, I mean we all need a bed to sleep in!
A room should start with one focal point and work outwards from there, for example the bed in the bedroom would be the main focal point and then add a beautiful happy piece like our Yellow Mustard Chair into the corner.

Dark painted walls are so now darlings but lets consider this.... we need light! So let's think about how much light the room needs, where it's position is, are we south facing?
Taking these things into consideration will help but also when it comes to window fittings this can make a huge impact on our rooms. Venetian blinds and shutters if your budget goes this far are fabulous window fittings as you can control the light in the room. Consider a day when the room needs some light but you're feeling like 'hiding away' , you can simply tilt them upwards and then on the next day you may feel like letting all the light in and want to see everything, so you can have them straight or pulled up.

We love our quirky lighting here at Margo and Plum and love to think our lights not only have a function but bring with them a happy evoking element like our Gold and Royal Blue Monkey Lamp.



Remember in our busy homes storage is key, we know this at our shop all too well and continuously spend time being creative not only with our styling displays but with the way we store.

Storage is key for a clutter free home especially with children around. Discreet draws and cupboards that fit in with your walls seamlessly to throw everything into at the end of the day is life changing. They are compulsory to a home.

Let's bring some positive vibes to our four walls whilst we are 'staying home' this month. Let's try moving something from downstairs upstairs or vice versa, let's treat ourselves to that happy piece we've been considering. Even small changes make for the freshest of feelings and we like to think our carefully curated pieces at Margo and Plum really evoke happiness and we hope you do too.

Take care and stay fabulous

From the Margo and Plum Team

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