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Winter decor ideas with Margo & Plum

Winter decor ideas with Margo & Plum

Hello there!

It might be hard to believe, but summer has pretty much been and gone since we last spoke! It’s been a busy few months after we flung open our shop doors to welcome our valued customers and familiar faces back into stores, and we thank you for your much appreciated support.

After, let’s face it, a dismal few months weather wise, we’re ready to give up the hope for a glorious summer and fully embrace the new season ahead!

Here at Margo & Plum we like to think of ourselves as quite the experts when it comes to home décor design  for the cooler months Autumn and Winter brings, and we can’t wait to share with you all of our lovely hand-picked homeware deco finds that are sure to inspire you to create your own cosy retreat . So if you’re planning on a spot of unique homeware shopping ahead of winter, from fabulous furniture to show stopping lamps to brighten those dark nights,  or maybe you just fancy an interior update with the addition of some unique, glamourous homewares, then you’ve come to the right place!

The best furniture for the home in winter

The colder months are all about enjoying your space, safe from the howling winds and freezing temperatures the Great British weather can bring. Look for soft, sumptuous materials for the most luxurious furniture for the new season. Velvet is perfect for adding a high-end feel to any home and jewelled tones are brilliant at bringing depth and interest to a room. A firm favourite of ours is the ultra glam Lola cocktail chair. The statement seat can work equally as well in a larger space such as a living room or bring a pop of colour to a dressing room or study. Statement seats and sofas looks fabulous layered up with cushions in contrasting colours and textures for an easy update to your seasonal home décor.

How to make a small space look bigger in winter?

With the end of summer comes the start of the dark nights, and as cosy as they can be, the lack of light can negatively impact the mood of the home. Household mirrors are brilliant at bringing light to a darker space and creating the illusion of space which is particularly welcomed in the winter months when natural light is sparce. Large statement mirrors are brilliant hung over a mantelpiece to create a real showstopping moment and work equally as well to distribute natural light in a smaller hallway. Mirrors are amazingly versatile and can really change the feel of a room. Consider having a seasonal swop of your home mirrors to bring different feels to the home throughout the year. An ornate mirror can replace a piece of wall art for the winter in corners of the house that could do with some extra light in the darker months.

Our Starburst decorative mirror is a particular favourite of ours! The fantastic statement piece is perfect for scattering natural light in the darker days whilst also creating a real focal point in any room.

How to add seasonal updates to the home for winter?

As lovely as it would be, we can’t replace all of our furniture every season but there are many simpler and affordable ways to differentiate your summer décor to your winter. Cushions are brilliantly effortless at changing the feel of a room, cushion covers can be easily stored throughout summer and brought out to change for winter. Pops of colour, bold prints and sumptuous materials can dramatically change the feel of a space for a wonderful seasonal update. Decorative cushions are perfect at allowing experimentation with interior trends without committing to any permanent paint colours or pricey furniture pieces.

Our golden velvet ruffle cushion works brilliantly with contrasting jewel tones and can be layered with other simpler styles to bring an element of interest to any chair. It also looks great as a scatter cushion for the bed. Consider seasonal swops of your home softs to give them a new lease of life and a lovely new feel to the room.

Home scents for winter?

Don’t just stop at the visuals in the home when you’re considering your winter interior updates. Scents can be extremely seasonal and are amazing at creating a real winter atmosphere in a room. Where you might have opted for light, vibrantly fresh smells in the summer, the colder months are all about deep, rich scents that fill the home with a luxurious warm ambience.

Autumn and Winter is all about the comforting scents of cosy candles. Our Sara Miller fig, vanilla and coco candle is the perfect mood setting fragrance for creating a cosy winter feel and our new Moody Muse candles not only look amazing but smell incredible, bringing a touch of luxury to relaxing winter evenings at home.

Keep an eye out for our new seasonal launches over the coming weeks, we have some brilliant new pieces landing soon that we can’t wait to show you. Now bring on the mulled wine and cosy fires, we’re all set for winter!

Love Margo and Plum xx

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