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How to create the perfect mood for your 'me time'

How to create the perfect mood for your 'me time'

Hello Darlings how are you all?

Life has certainly been testing lately and with that in mind we have been inspired to create our latest blog and consider …how do you take time out?

At Margo and Plum we have discussed this and settled on there being nothing better than the joy of a hot relaxing bubble bath with a candle and a nice glass of wine. (naturally)

With this in mind we wanted to focus on something that is simple yet often overlooked, ‘Home Fragrance’.

Candles were originally used purely for their function of bringing light. Today they not only offer us a beautiful interior accessory, but also a personal scent for our homes Burning a candle evokes the senses and can contribute to how we feel and lift our state of mind and mood. Some people like to change their home fragrance to the season and some people like to stick to what they know and love.

We spent a lot of time choosing home fragrance to bring to the store as this is a very personal love of ours at Margo & Plum. Many of you that know us as a team will know we have a background in both interiors and fragrance and so it comes as no surprise that we have a nose for these things. 

We picked our first candle collection from the gorgeous Sara Miller London range as we found each individual candle had something unique and wonderful about it. There’s definitely a  candle for everyone.


If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment for a well-deserved bath after a long day why not choose the uplifting Jasmine, Lemongrass & Ginger candle? It has invigorating tones of lemongrass and ginger which are balanced with an element of citrus and spice alongside the floral scent of Jasmine and ruffled Rose petals.

The candles are beautifully presented and are pleasing to the eye.The candles have 50- 60 hours burn time, and are hand poured in the UK with 100% pure soy wax. We absolutely love these and it would seem our customers do too as we have them coming back to top up on their favourites time after time. 

Our other range of candles are something a bit unique. If you’ve visited the store you will have seen our wonderful display of candles by Chase & Wonder. The porcelain vessel is a piece of art in itself and reusable. The monochrome designs are hand decorated with real 22 Carat gold. This means they will fit in with any colour palette. Made in the UK with vegan friendly soy wax that give you 90 hours burn time. What is there not to love? They make the perfect gift or the perfect treat to take home and enjoy time after time.

In addition to our candles  we have an ever growing collection of Reed Diffusers which are proving very popular. There’s nothing better than the fragrance of a fresh home. It can give you such satisfaction and what a wonderful welcome to guests to have a signature fragrance at your humble abode!

Our extra-large Citrus Verbena Diffuser has a dramatic zesty blend that creates an invigorating breath of vitality. Citrus Verbena is a fresh, vibrant, uplifting aroma known for it’s ability to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress, it calms and soothes giving a feeling of wellbeing. The perfect treat for some much needed me time.

We also have our very popular fresh Fig Diffuser it’s an indulgent, exotic, rich fragrance known for it’s ability to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. So if you’re looking for some ‘me time’ or treating someone to some time out, reach for a gorgeous home fragrance as it always hits the spot darlings.

Take care and stay fabulous

From the Margo and Plum Team x


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